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Let's face it, we all would like to improve our body's performance, as it would lead to decreased pain, improved function and overall well-being.  Chiropractic is a leading treatment method for conservative, non-invasive health care.  In fact, it is also noted as the most cost-effective method available for reducing low back pain and neck pain.

Here's another interesting fact worth noting: The average person has experienced over 1,000 physical traumas by the age of 7.  These include minor and major physical traumas.  Have you ever played sports? Fallen from your bike? Wrestled with your siblings? 

Nerves in our body control all of our bodily functions, including healing from these traumas.  If they aren't functioning properly, your body will reap the consequences.  The image above demonstrates a common condition that chiropractors have the ability to successfully manage - a herniated disc.  The structure in red is the disc herniation, which is compromising the yellow structure known a nerve tissue.  Irritation to nerve tissues can result in burning, tingling sensations, weakness, inability to walk and sleep, etc.  Do you think or do you know you have herniated a disc in your spine?  If so, rest assured!  The chiropractors at Advanced Chiropractic can help you.

Everyone can benefit from a chiropractic adjustment!!

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